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You Sleigh Me [E-book]

You Sleigh Me [E-book]

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There’s not a snowball’s chance in Abaddon of having a silent night when you’re trapped with a bunch of demons, dragons, and vampires… 

It’s nearly Christmas, and while peace may be falling like silent snowflakes elsewhere, at a small airport in Canada all hell is about to break out…literally.Tempers are frayed when a group of dragons, Dark Ones, and poltergeists find themselves snowed in at an airport, all of whom are desperately trying to get home to celebrate the holidays. What might be a minor inconvenience slowly descends to chaos with a series of ever-escalating nightmarish events, not the least bit helped by Newfoundland demon dog Jim. 

With the dragons fractious and annoyed with each other, the vampires suspicious of everyone, and the polters wary about their volatile companions, the situation quickly changes from amusing to deadly…ensuring no one is getting their halls decked until they figure out how to survive the night together.

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