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They Wear WHAT Under Their Kilts?

They Wear WHAT Under Their Kilts?

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1. The Year My LIfe Went Down the Loo
2. They Wear WHAT Under Their Kilts?
3. What's French for Ew?
4. The Taming of the Dru
5. Life, Love, and the Pursuit of Hotties

You Auto-Complete me is a retelling of Loo with adult characters (and sexy times)
Tell Them Emily Sent You is an update 16 years after Loo.

Sixteen-year-old Emily spends her month of work experience on a Scottish sheep farm, complete with wild sheep (who seem determined to do her in), her best friend Holly (who challenges her to a contest to see who can snog the local hottie first), and Ruaraidh the shepherd, AKA the Scottish God of Love who just happens to have eleven fingers. Kilt-watching, disasterous castle tours, graffiti spraypainted sheep, and tanning lotions gone horribly awry—it’s just another month in the life of Emily.

Subject: Emily’s Glossary for People Who Haven’t Been to Scotland
1. Faffing about: running around doing nothing. In other words, spending a month supposedly doing work experience on a Scottish sheep farm, but really spending days on Kilt Watch at the nearest castle.
2. Schottie: Scottish Hottie, also known as Ruaraidh, the subject of much drooling and first prize in the “Who Can Snog Him First” contest.
3. Mad schnoogles: the British way of saying big smoochy kisses. Will admit it sounds v. smart to say it that way.
4. V.: very. Using it abbreviated is coolio to the third power.
5. Bunch of yobbos: a group of mindless idiots. In Scotland, can also mean sheep. You can take it from me–there is nothing stupider than a sheep, especially when you’re trying to make them take their liver medicine.
6. Stooshie: uproar, as in “If Holly thinks she can take Ruaraidh from me without causing a stooshie, she’s out of her mind!”
7. Sheep dip: not an appetizer.

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