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The Trouble With Harry [E-Book]

The Trouble With Harry [E-Book]

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1. Noble Intentions
2. Noble Destiny
3. The Trouble With Harry
4. The Truth About Leo

A man in desperate need for a wife. A woman shunned by society. And a heinous plot to destroy not just their chance at happiness, but the children that seem determined to drive them both to Bedlam...

Harry has reconciled himself to the fact that it's time he finds a new wife, and once he sees Plum, he's ready to set aside his widowerhood and dive enthusiastically into the position of new husband. 

Plum is frantic to keep her secret—the same one that caused her expulsion from polite society--from becoming known by anyone, least of all the unconventional, but incredibly enticing, Harry. 

And Plum's niece Thom wants to find out why the burglar she found has such a surprising background. 

Kidnappers, poisoning, Harry's distinctly odd children, and Thom's obsession with saving everything from field mice to the son of the famed Black Earl make it clear that what's troubling Harry isn't boredom. When Plum and Harry find they must set aside honeymoon thoughts in order to protect their family from the threat that hangs over their head, they're in a race to keep everything they love from turning to dust...

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