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The Stars That We Steal From the Nigh Sky [E-book]

The Stars That We Steal From the Nigh Sky [E-book]

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* Ghost of a Chance
* The Stars That We Steal From the Night Sky

There are other worlds with mysteries to solve.
Worlds where not all of the suspects are technically alive.
That’s when Karma kicks in. 

Stripped of her position, facing an unsure relationship with potential boyfriend Adam, and still foster mom to an emo sixteen year old poltergeist named Pixie, ghost transporter Karma Marx thought she’d seen it all…and then she is sent on a train ride across Europe to save a woman from her abusive spouse. 

The situation, people, and even residents of the train aren’t what they appear to be, and while Karma is trying to find the target of her trip, she struggles to separate deception from truth. When she comes to close to figuring it all out, everything dear to her is put at risk. 

Charged with murder, and with the entire Akashic League against her, Karma is desperate to do three things: clear her name, punish the guilty, and finally get Adam into bed. She just has to survive the first two in order to tackle the third…

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