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Revelation Dark Ones Bundle

Revelation Dark Ones Bundle

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1. Girl's Guide to Vampires
2. Sex and the Single Vampire
3. Sex, Lies and Vampires
4. Even Vampires Get the Blues

1. Bring Out Your Dead
2. Last of the Red-Hot Vampires
3. Shades of Gray in Undead in My Bed

1. Confessions of a Vampire's Girlfriend
2. In the Company of Vampires
3. A Tale of Two Vampires

1. Zen and the Art of Vampires
2. Crouching Vampire, Hidden Fang
3. Much Ado About Vampires
4. Unleashed

1. The Vampire Always Rises
2. Enthralled
3. Desperately Seeking Vampire

1. Axegate Walk

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Four vampires, an equal number of badass Beloveds, and an evil company bent on destroying them all…follow the trail of the Revelation with four tales from the New York Times bestselling Dark Ones series: The Vampire Always Rises, Enthralled, Desperately Seeking Vampire, and Axegate Walk. 


Tempest Keye’s life is just beginning.
Growing up in a religious cult, Tempest could only dream of the world outside. Once free, Tempest is determined to live her life to the fullest, and to check off each item on her bucket list. First on her agenda – to meet an honest-to-goodness vampire. It’s just a shame the one she finds doesn’t understand how the whole Dark Ones thing is supposed to work. Luckily for him, she’s patient. 

Merrick Simon’s life is coming to an end.
One of the legendary Four Horsemen, Merrick has saved the mortals and immortals alike from peril. Facing the most dangerous mission of his life, Merrick is forced to rely on a sexy, maddening woman who insists she’s his Beloved. Like he has time for that. 

Both need more time…
The closer they come to finding the truth, the more dangers lurk in the shadows. Worse, Merrick finds himself falling for Tempest’s quirky take on life. Together, they fight for the one thing that matters most – their happily ever after. 


They call me soulless. A destroyer of innocents. An apocalypse waiting to happen.
That’s what getting dumped at the altar will do to you. 

Keeley Moore was as happy as a proverbial clam when he found his Beloved, the one woman fated to be the love of his immortal life. Jenna was smart, had a quirky mind, and promised to be the salvation he had long sought. And then she left him at the altar without so much as a single word of explanation. Naturally, he swept up the tattered remains of his heart, and swore to forget her. One hundred and thirty years later, he’s still trying NOT to think about her. 

Jenna Boyle has no idea who is the tortured, tormented, and sexy-as-sin man who claims she betrayed him a century ago, but she’s not overly worried about their past. It’s the present that concerns her, mostly in getting Keeley free from the monsters who have turned him from a peaceful vampire into a Thrall, the dreaded ancestor of all Dark Ones…one who is about to go into a murderous, unstoppable killing spree. Then there’s the Weaver’s Council, who threaten to banish Jenna for crimes she doesn’t remember committing. 

Although Keeley is determined to keep Jenna from hurting him again, he’s drawn to her time after time. And it’s getting increasingly difficult to convince himself that she would be better off without him in her life. If only he could find the source of his enthrallment…if only he could find a way to save Jenna without destroying himself…if only he had a future. 

One Thrall and his Beloved, a bestie with a male harem, and a group of intrepid tourists tackling an international organization bent on the destruction of the mortal world…it’s just another day in the world of Katie MacAlister’s Dark Ones.


A vampire who's run out of hope...a woman who doesn't need anyone...and the worst emo poetry you'll ever read.

When tarot reader Minerva finds herself in a foreign country without friends or money, and hunted by a pair of thief takers, the last thing she expects to find is a near dead vampire. A familiar near dead vampire.

Ivo Zeman thought he found the love of his life on a battlefield in 1916--just after he'd been blown apart. But then the woman disappeared, sending him into a spiral of despair and hopelessness that lasted more than eighty years.

When he finally finds her again, she's thrown into peril by a madman, and Ivo must think fast or else he'll lose her a second time. Tarot readings, a malicious thief, some of the worst poetry you will ever read, and the wrath of a powerful enemy...can Ivo save his love in time, or will fate destroy their last hope for a future together?

If you love fated mates, a tortured hero, and romcom energy wrapped in a New York Times bestselling vampire series, pick up Desperately Seeking Vampire now!


A sexy-as-sin grumpy vampire hiding from the world…a cursed woman who can hear colors…and a demigod determined to take over Instagram.

When Finch Dante settles in Ravenfall, the last thing he expects is to find himself on Axegate Walk, a boardwalk of Otherworldian vendors. Keeping his head down and his secrets tight was all Finch wanted…but fate had other ideas in the form of a bubbly, quirky woman with a penchant for the weird, and an uncanny ability to know what he was feeling.

Tatiana Romanoff might sell haunted dolls, but she doesn't believe in the paranormal…until she realizes the town council has cursed her romantic endeavours. So when the mysterious and incredibly handsome Finch strolls into her life, she is determined to keep him at arm's length lest he be blighted by her curse.

Once a body is discovered, it's up to Tatiana and Finch to overcome their own emotional wounds to untangle the mystery surrounding them…one that risks their life together if they want to save humankind from destruction.

Fast, funny, and filled with paranormal romcom goodness – dive into the lastest book in the New York Times bestselling Dark Ones series today! Just be sure to stay away from haunted dolls…

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