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Noble Destiny [E-Book]

Noble Destiny [E-Book]

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1. Noble Intentions
2. Noble Destiny
3. The Trouble With Harry
4. The Truth About Leo

A faulty codpiece. A wedding that is literally a circus. And a butler named's just another day in the life of a woman determined to fall in love.

 A poor widow, Lady Charlotte Collins returns to England eager to take her place in the ton, only to find herself shunned by all. Her most fervent desire is to marry a man with wealth, a title, and good looks, but Alisdair McGregor cruelly refuses to be the answer to her problems.

In fact, she is forced by Dare’s obstinacy to take extreme action, but fate seems determined to strip from her everything she loves the most...including her hopeless groom.

 Forced by enemies into a potentially lethal scientific discovery, Alistaire and Charlotte find their happiness - and marriage -  apparently destroyed. But nothing can stand between Charlotte and what she wants most, and what she wants is Alisdair. Fate may be against her, but Char is determined their marriage will survive even a phoenix-like rise from the ashes.

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