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Life, Love, and the Pursuit of Hotties [E-Book]

Life, Love, and the Pursuit of Hotties [E-Book]

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1. The Year My LIfe Went Down the Loo
2. They Wear WHAT Under Their Kilts?
3. What's French for Ew?
4. The Taming of the Dru
5. Life, Love, and the Pursuit of Hotties

You Auto-Complete me is a retelling of Loo with adult characters (and sexy times)
Tell Them Emily Sent You is an update 16 years after Loo.

Emily’s life should be looking good…but with a disasterous senior trip to Canada, an ill–if still incredibly sexy–boyfriend Fang, and her future uncertain, Emily throws herself into becoming eighteen with a vengeance. It’s just a shame the cruise industry will never be the same...

Reasons why my life sucks right now:

1. The end of high school. You’d think that’s good, right? Remember that episode of Buffy where the demon snake eats everyone at her graduation? That would be an improvement over mine.

2. Dorm life. Thumbs way up on moving away from home, but down, down, down on the Geek Dorm where I’ll spend the next four years. It’s going to take forever to hipify all those science and techno geeks.

3. Dru’s wedding. She may be one of my best friends, but if she thinks I’m going to wear a pink and yellow plaid bridesmaid’s dress, she’s completely wacked out of her gourd.

4. Romantic cruise…without being able to kiss the nummiest boyfriend on the face of the earth? One word: Waaaaaaaaah!

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