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In the Company of Vampires [E-Book]

In the Company of Vampires [E-Book]

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2. Sex and the Single Vampire
3. Sex, Lies and Vampires
4. Even Vampires Get the Blues

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1. Bring Out Your Dead
2. Last of the Red-Hot Vampires
3. Shades of Gray in Undead in My Bed

Goth Faire Dark Ones Series
1. Confessions of a Vampire's Girlfriend
2. In the Company of Vampires
3. A Tale of Two Vampires

Zorya Dark Ones Series
1. Zen and the Art of Vampires
2. Crouching Vampire, Hidden Fang
3. Much Ado About Vampires
4. Unleashed

Revelation Dark Ones Series
1. The Vampire Always Rises
2. Enthralled
3. Desperately Seeking Vampire

Ravenfall Dark Ones Series
1. Axegate Walk

 If only a broken heart were all she had to deal with… 

…but there are Viking ghosts, gods, werebeings, and one sexy as sin vampire on Francesca’s case. And her biggest trouble is Loki, the trickster god, who has ruined her life. Again. 

When Fran arrives at Goth Faire to deal with him, things go from bad to worse, for her immortal ex, Benedikt, is there…with a new girlfriend. 

Determined to wash that vampire out of her hair, Fran settles down to tackle the problem of her missing mother. But not even shapesifters, Vikings, and a town filled with deranged opera fans can distract her from the fact that Ben may be the most annoying vampire ever, but she’ll be damned if anyone tries to take him away from her. 

It’s a good thing she’s no ordinary mortal…

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