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Dragon Mega Bundle 1 [E-book]

Dragon Mega Bundle 1 [E-book]

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Dive into the complicated world of sexy, sexy dragons in human form with these six bingeworthy books in the New York Times bestselling dragon series! 


Book 2 in the Silver Dragon Series 

When you jump out of the frying pan and into the fire…

Though May Northcott’s heart belongs to Gabriel Tauhou, leader of the silver dragons, being stuck in Abaddon has significantly cooled down her love life—especially since a demon lord is trying to woo her. So far, May has resisted his efforts, but it’s getting increasingly harder to thwart disaster. 

So May is shocked when Gabriel encourages her to give in to the demon prince as part of his plan to free her in a plot so complicated, it involves her scatterbrained naiad twin, hostile dragons, and a missing relic of immense power. But it's the unknown threat that emerges from the shadows, bent on destroying May, that throws their plans into chaos. 

With the dread lord long thought dead setting his sights on May and Gabriel, time is running out. Will a deal with the devil make life heaven or hell? 


Book 3 in the Silver Dragon Series 

She’s a red-hot breath away from happiness…

May Northcott is a woman at the end of her rope. She’d almost gotten used to her employer, the ex-demon lord Magoth, spending his days hanging around her home and interrupting her private moments with her dragon lover Gabriel. Then trouble appears in the form of a nearly dead man on her doorstep.

With May fighting to control the dragon shard, Magoth wrangling to regain his position and powers, and a mysterious and deadly dragon bent on their destruction, Gabriel has his work cut out for him. Now, he’ll have to claw his way through all the distractions and convince May that their love is strong enough to conquer all of their enemies. 


Book 4 in the Dragon Falls Series 

If you release the dragon…

Being the First Dragon, a mysterious demi-god who created the dragon race, certainly isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Sure, he’s powerful and rules from afar with a kind and gentle heart. But, after centuries of watching his dragon children grow, he’s come to realize that his lonely life is lacking warmth, basic human contact… and love.

Charity Doe is a woman on the run, forced to serve others, and never to gain what she seeks most: security. When fate lands her with a dragon who is immune to her unique abilities, she’s intrigued. After experiencing his human form, she’s thrilled. But when she realizes she can’t fall in love with him or he’ll lose his immortal status, she’s in hell.

If only the entire Otherworld wasn’t in pursuit of Charity.
If only the First Dragon wasn’t so irresistible.
If only she didn’t have to break her heart in order to save his.

…you must deal with the fire.


Book 5 in the Dragon Fall Series 

Seven wyverns, six dragon mates, and a mouthy demon named Jim…

When word comes that a demon lord plans to curse all of dragonkin, Aisling, Drake, and the rest of the weyr take immediate action. But before they can find out just who is behind the threat, and why the curse is being cast, the red dragons disappear, leaving behind oddly familiar–but deadly–new foes.

The weyr bands together to repel the attacks and save the future of all dragons, but not before they lose one of their own. With demon-dragon hybrids trying to kill them, a demon lord weaving the biggest curse ever created, and the destruction of an entire sept, the wyverns unleash their collective wrath against the Dragonblight that could obliterate them all.

Note to new readers: this book details events that happen between two existing dragon novels, Sparks Fly and Dragon Fall.


Book 3 in the Dragon Hunter Series 

Phyllida Hall is both the rarest and yet least sought-after member of the Otherworld, bound by a prohibition that limits her magic. Tormented by a former lover, she lives in quiet solitude…until an upheaval makes her one of the most overpowered beings alive. Desperate to hide from those who would use her, she dreams of a man who can help her survive.

Bastian Blu has more than enough on his plate as wyvern of the blue dragon sept, but just when he thinks he has a handle on it, the First Dragon names him a dream warrior, bestowing him with powers beyond his understanding…and which end in death. Now Bastian is suspicious when ouroboros dragon tribes wave a flag of truce, but it’s Phyllida who restores sense to the insanity that surrounds him.

When a half-dragon named Xavier forces Bastian into a choice that can only end in tragedy, will he claim the love that has eluded him his entire life, or become the dream warrior he was born to be?


Book 4 in the Dragon Hunter Series 

There’s not a snowball’s chance in Abaddon of having a silent night when you’re trapped with a bunch of demons, dragons, and vampires…

It’s nearly Christmas, and while peace may be falling like silent snowflakes elsewhere, at a small airport in Canada all hell is about to break out…literally.

Tempers are frayed when a group of dragons, Dark Ones, and poltergeists find themselves snowed in at an airport, all of whom are desperately trying to get home to celebrate the holidays. What might be a minor inconvenience slowly descends to chaos with a series of ever-escalating nightmarish events, not the least bit helped by Newfoundland demon dog Jim.

With the dragons fractious and annoyed with each other, the vampires suspicious of everyone, and the polters wary about their volatile companions, the situation quickly changes from amusing to deadly…ensuring no one is getting their halls decked until they figure out how to survive the night together.

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