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Becoming Effrijim

Becoming Effrijim

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Green Dragon Novels
1. You Slay Me
2. Fire Me Up
3. Light My Fire
4. Holy Smokes
5. Death’s Excellent Vacation (Perils of Effrijim short story)

Silver Dragon Novels
1. Playing WIth Fire
2. Up In Smoke
3. Me and My Shadow

Light Dragon Novels
1. Love in the Time of Dragons
2. The Unbearable Lightness of Dragons
3. Sparks Fly

Dragon Fall Novels
1. Dragon Fall
2. Dragon Storm
3. Dragon Soul
4. Dragon Unbound
5. Dragonblight

Dragon Hunter Novels
1. Memoirs of a Dragon Huner
2. Day of the Dragon
3. A Confederacy of Dragons
4. You Sleigh Me

Otherworld Adventure Novels
1. Ain’t Myth-Behaving
2. Becoming Effrijim
3. Dragon Revisited
4. Midnight in the Garden of Okay and Meh

A wounded demon in Newfoundland dog form, a mysterious bestie, and a thirst for vengeance so strong it almost warrants drinking from the toilet. Almost.

Effrijim, demon sixth-class, and well known Newfie-about-town is back with excerpts from his diary detailing his origins, how he was kicked out of not-Heaven and sent to not-Hell, and how a plan for some truly spectacular revenge draws in everyone from one of the most powerful beings in the Otherworld to the lowliest of demons.

Filled with Easter eggs sure to delight fans of the Aisling Grey, Guardian series, this Otherworld short story takes readers back to where it all began.

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